COVID-19 is a Serious Threat!

Greetings in the Precious and Powerful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray that each of you are doing well and staying safe during this trying time we are facing with COVID-19. It is an unprecedented time for all of us, but with the Lord’s help and the power of concerted prayer we will survive and be stronger on the other side of this test.
This is a very serious pandemic that we cannot ignore. So, I urge you again to make sure you keep your hands washed and away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Be sure to practice social distancing – maintaining 6 feet between yourself and those you do not know. Also, be sure to sanitize your hands after being in public and touching door handles, open surfaces etc.

Here are a few facts from the New England Journal of Medicine indicating how long COVID-19 can live on common surfaces:       

  • Airborne – 3 hours     

  • Copper – 4 hours     

  • Cardboard – 24 hours (Boxes and money included)      

  • Stainless Steel – 2 to 3 days      

  • Polypropylene plastic – 3 days

Keep in mind with all this going on our services times and format has changed. We will have one service at 10 AM that will be streamed on this site as well as Facebook. We encourage you to watch us live each Sunday! We are remaining prayerful and hopeful.