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On October 15,1918 led by the Holy Spirit, Rev. Edward Hubbard, a national officer of the National Baptist Convention, presided over a group of people intent on organizing a church. Rev. Chard Harmon, Pastor of West Point Baptist Church, Rev. Jones of Texas, and Rev. Charles Bryant served on the formation committee. Deacon Ned Norman suggested the name "St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church". Deacon H.E. Johnson, Ned Norman, John Harris, An Hayward and their wives along with Brother and Sister Bruce Hall became the first members.

The church's first three Pastors were: Rev. Godlove, Rev. McDave of Georgia, and Rev. R. L. Randall of Alabama. Rev. Randall brought the church to national prominence under his leadership and the membership grew and was in need of a larger edifice. It was at this time the building at 3663 S. Indiana Ave. was purchased.

Rev. Sandy Ray of Macon Ga. became the church's next Pastor and Rev. S. A. Grayson followed Him. During the Pastorage of Rev. Grayson the church building was redecorated and the cornerstone was laid. The church also purchased the buildings at 3663 S. Indiana Ave. which later became the parsonage. Rev. Grayson resigned as Pastor in 1961.

In 1962, Rev. Hosea Burgie was called Pastor. Rev. Burgie was converted and baptized at St. Luke. He was a member of the Gospel Chorus and was ordained a Deacon by Rev. Grayson. Later he was called to the ministry and became an Associate Pastor.

In November of 1970, the church's edifice was consumed by a fire. The church held services at the A. R. Leak Colonial House. A committee of Pastor Burgie, Deacons and Trustees located and purchased our present church home here at 7262 S. Coles Ave. and on February 27, 1971 a motorcade led the membership from it's Indiana Ave. location to our new church home. Rev. Shelvin J. Hall then Moderator of Salem District held a week long dedication service culminating the arrival to the new location. The church flourished at this location under Pastor Burgie with many new members coming from the neighborhood.

On January 19, 1992 Rev. Burgie went home to be with the Lord. His leadership and teaching was ahead of our time. He served as Pastor for 30 years. St. Luke continued on and Rev. John Harris became our Interim Pastor and Spiritual Leader from January 1992 until June 1994. He also served in the absence of Pastor Burgie during his illness. He was the first to designate the 4th Sunday for the youth. Many came to Christ under Interim Pastor who was assisted by Rev. Richard Brewer and Rev. Charles Ransom.

Rev. Slaughter James became our next Pastor in June of 1994. Rev. James vision "Calling the lost to Christ" brought many to the Lord. Under his leadership a tutorial program, Food and Clothing Ministry, and Prison Ministry were started. The church's sanctuary underwent restoration. He also helped the church purchase a Van, Coach Bus, Air Conditioning, and installed a chairlift for the disabled. Rev. James served as Pastor for 10 years.

In January 2004, Rev Scott Onqué filled in during the absence of Rev. James and in March of 2004 was elected as our Interim Minister. He served and helped the church come together and move thru a difficult time. In the fall of 2004 the church's membership overwhelmingly elected him as our Pastor and Installation services were held in March of 2005. Pastor Onqué came to St. Luke in January 1999. He was called to the Deacon Board and later called to the Ministry. Pastor Onqué has declared we shall "Come Alive in 2005" and has engaged us to become a church of service to the community.

Pastor Onqué vision for us is "A Church called to Ministry". Under his leadership the church underwent renovation both physically and spiritually. We are encouraged to love and accept one another. We continue to pray for each other and build each other up.

Under Pastor Onqué leadership the kitchen was updated to a new full service restaurant quality kitchen and the Fellowship hall will be remodeled. A new roof has been put on the edifice and continued improvements happened. On May 13, 2006 we dedicated the Fellowship Hall to our past former pastor Reverend Hosea B. Burgie.

In 2020 we added video cameras and TV monitors to the sanctuary for streaming.  In 2019 we again replaced our roof and gutters. In 2022 we replace all the carpet in our sanctuary and entry areas. We continue to get compliments on how well maintained of edifice is.

Pastor Onqué has added an 8 am service "The Power Hour" which allows members to come earlier if they choose and experience a totally different service. He also started a Nursing Home Ministry and continued the Prison Ministry. We bless God for sending us a loving caring Man of God as our Shepherd.

In 2020 a pandemic hit and we combined out services to 10 am and 8:30 Sunday School where we stream to our website and social media outlets. This has been or schedule even as we emerge out of the Covid pandemic.

In 2007 Rev Jessie Lee was appointed Assistant Pastor to help Pastor Onqué. He has been a tremendous support to our pastor and our church.  Rev. Lee is now the pastor of the Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Our ministerial staff includes, Reverend Andre Booth, Rev Lorrell Freemon, Rev. Dr. Roger Harris Jr. and Minister Wanda Ravesloot.

In 2013 we celebrated 90 years of Service to the Lord under the theme: “Rich Past Glorious Future”. We had an historic outing at the Grand Ballroom on Cottage Grove with a 90th Year Anniversary Banquet. We were the first church to use this restored historic venue since its reopening.

In 2018 We celebrated 100 glorious years as a congregation. We had a spectacular banquet celebration at the South Shore Cultural Center. It was well attended by clergy, elected officials and other dignitaries. Many of our past members also attended.

Since that time we have been on the move participating in South Shore Community events, evangelizing to the lost, and opening our doors to those who are in need. We worked closely with the 7th Ward Alderman, making our facility available for community resource meetings, job fairs, and other activities. As we move forward as a “Unified Church on the Move” we look forward to continuing to do God’s work.

This year we held our third leadership school after many years of inactivity. The Christian leadership school was named Herbert B. Reed Institute after our former Superintendent of Sunday School. Sister Ruth Ellis served as Inaugural Dean in 2011The H. B Reed Institute continues to offer to the membership and local Christian Community enriching classes to develop their knowledge of Christ.

We also held our first Men’s Conference (Men of Standard) in November 2010 and followed with another one in November 2011 and November 2012. We held our first Women’s Conference  (Women of Excellence) in August 2011 and followed up with another in 2012. We look forward to many more teaching opportunities here at St Luke.  We have ongoing Men and Women Conferences.

We continue to be active in Salem Baptist District Association of Chicago and Vicinity, Baptist General State Convention of Illinois, and National Baptist Convention, USA Inc.

We currently have the following ministries: Deacons and Deaconesses, Junior Deacons, Trustees, Mother’s Board, Pastor’s Care, Member Care Ministries: (Nehemiah Unit, Superior Unit, Victory Unity, and Willing Workers Unit), Department of Christian Education, Sunday School, Mission Society, Senior and Junior Usher, Men’s Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Nurses Health Ministry, Youth Department, Young Adults, Mass Choir, Young Adult Choir, Praise Chorale, and The Worship Thru The Arts Ministry: (Praise Dance/ Mime Ministry, Theatre Arts) and a thriving Green Team.

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