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Pastor Scott Onque'

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Pastor Onque' currently serves as Pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church, 104-year-old historic church on the south side of Chicago.  He has served in this capacity for 18 years.  Previous to his installation he served one year as interim minister.  He follows a great legacy of pastors.  Under his leadership the church has grown tremendously both spiritual and numerically.  Pastor Onque' has a passion for teaching and preaching the Word of God.  He is so happy that God has called him to champion the cause of Christ.  He carries the theme "To God be the Glory" in his heart realizing that his purpose here on earth is to first glorify God and second to help others.

Pastor Onque' thanks God for his pastor's heart.  For he knows what God said through his prophet Jeremiah when he said, "I will give you pastors after my own heart." (Jeremiah 3:15).  You will love his energetic style and his development of God's word.  You will leave blessed each and every Sunday!


He is very civically and socially conscious.  He serves on several community boards and commissions. He is currently Policy Director for Faith in Place where he serves to promote environmental and social justice causes. He realizes volunteering his time in community efforts is an integral part of his ministry. 


He is immediate past President of the Congress of Christian Education Department of the Salem Baptist District Association of Chicago and Vicinity.


He is the immediate past Treasurer of Baptist General State Convention of Illinois and is now Chairman of Social Justice for the Baptist General State Convention. Also he is the Treasurer of Salem Baptist District Association. He also has served as a commissioner for African American Families Commission for the State of Illinois.

Pastor Onque' holds a B.S. in Biomedical Communications.  He has 16 years secular executive management experience in the area of Operations and Hospitality.  He has held positions as 4th Grade School Teacher, Supervisor of Cashier Operations, Director of Cashier Operations, and Controller.  He also has certifications to facilitate in Excellence in Management, Public Speaking, Supervisory Development, Diversity/Sensitivity Training in the Workplace, and Ethics in the Workplace amongst other management and personal growth modules. 

He is certified by the Sunday School Publishing Board of The National Baptist Convention USA INC. as an instructor to teach Local, State and National courses.  He has attended numerous biblical conferences and  seminars to increase his knowledge of God. 


Jeremiah 3:15 states and I quote “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding”

Nine years ago Scott Onque became the Pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist church, a church at that time that was hurting and in need of a spiritual and emotional healing.

Pastor Scott Onque' began a task that he had never before encountered. He was faced with the daunting task of reviving a church family that was broken. Through his faith to his calling, we are still here today. We thank you.

For the time you spend to teach us God’s truth and the studying to give us concrete proof – we thank you.

For the time you spend attending families in bereavement, crisis, and sickness, showing us how much you care – we thank you.

For your ability to hold steady when we fall apart, and the patience to show us once again the start, we thank you.

Although your labor is often without our reward, you still feed us the meat of God’s sword, we thank you.

So with these mere words for all that you do, we are grateful to God for giving us you.

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